Homorazzi Gets Friendly with Kandyse and Aaron


You’ve already seen our first segment with Aaron Douglas at The Artist Sanctuary for the Juno Awards, but this next segment is even better! Kandyse McClure and Aaron Douglas join us for some more candid discussion about Battlestar Galactica, Mormons and Bears (of the gay variety!)
*Spoiler Alert: Read ahead at your own peril if you’re still catching up on the last few episodes of the show!

The gorgeous Kandyse McClure played Lt. Anastasia Dualla in BSG. Dualla- or “Dee”- was married to Apollo (played by the hot & sexy Jamie Bamber) for a period of time (and we were all jealous of her for it!). In her final episode, just as you think she and Apollo are going to get back together, Dee commits suicide in a scene that leaves you numb with shock, and we took the opportunity to ask her a little about how the storyline and scene made her feel.

On the flip side, Aaron took the opportunity to talk to us about his “Bear” status, and his feelings about God as he asks me some questions about growing up Mormon. Overall, it was another great session with these two: full of laughs, stories and great times. Check out the clip and you’ll see why we had such a great weekend with these guys!!

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