K. Rose Will Be The Next Big Thing: Watch Out Gaga & Rihanna

This past weekend, Adam and I attended the 24th Annual White Party in Palm Springs, put on by Jeffrey Sanker. Aside from the amazing weather and sexy boys, one of things I love most about White Party are all of the amazing artists that perform. On Sunday night, an artist named K. Rose performed and I was not prepared for what I was about to see.

K. Rose is currently with Epidemic Music (super-producers of Cool & Dre). The singer/dancer performed her two singles, “Sleep When I’m Dead” and “A Voi E A Me’ (You and I),” as well as a teaser for an upcoming single called “Boo-G-Girl.” Her songs are hot, her dance moves are sick, and she’s definitely has the look. Seeing her perform, I felt like she was the total package and I literally got chills as if I was witnessing a star being born. I even looked around and noticed people’s jaws dropped and one guy beside me kept repeating, “Oh. My. God….” LOL.

Check out the music videos for her two singles, as well as my video footage from her performance at White Party so you can get an idea of how full out she was. I had the opportunity to meet her backstage after and she was so sweet. Enjoy!

K. Rose – ‘A Voi E A Me’ (You and I) Music Video

K. Rose – ‘Sleep When I’m Dead’ Music Video

K. Rose Performing At White Party

Preview From Her Upcoming New Music Video

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Meeting K. Rose Backstage at White Party after her performance.

  • Jaavee

    Oh, my! Thanks for the new music update Patrick! Her sounds is nothing new, but she has definitely taken it forward and made it her own.

  • Raph

    She does sound extremely similar to Rihanna, with a lot more presence on stage.

  • DouggSeven

    Her voice has no depth or range and her music is mediocre at best. I doubt she’ll even have a dance hit let alone a pop hit.

  • Kristopher

    well look how far Gag and Rihanna have made it. Fickle homos always flock to the new Bad Gal