Model Behavior: Justin Woltering

When I was flipping through my recent Model Behavior features, I realized I hadn’t picked a bulked up fitness model in a while. So if you’ve been craving some beef this week, I’ve got the ideal male specimen for you. Justin Woltering fits the bill perfectly. He’s tall, muscular, and has a killer smile. And with five certifications and a lifelong commitment to physical fitness, he’s more than qualified to show off his sexy physique. In addition to modeling, he’s also a fitness expert, bodybuilder, actor and author.

Woltering was born in New Jersey in 1985 and the oldest of eight children. Growing up he admired Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee. Both of which inspired him to dedicate his energy towards fitness. Besides bodybuilding, he practices martial arts. He’s not all brawn and no brains either. Justin also holds a degree in business management.

With his gorgeous face and defined physique, he’s become a favorite for fitness magazines and graced the cover of a few of them. He’s also become very popular with the gays due to his pictorials in popular gay Australian magazine, DNA. You can check out a few of those pics along with plenty of other sexy ones below.

Justin Woltering Model Stats

Height: 6’3”
Waist: 32
Chest: 47
Arms: 18

I love a man with a big plump lower lip.

HOW HOT IS THIS PIC? The fake dirt, fake scars, veins and facial expression. It all works.

He really knows how to pull off the thug look, doesn’t he?

Give me 10. He probably does 100s to get a body like that.

So what brings all the boys to the yard? His milkshake or his hot dog?

Now that’s what I call a beach bod.

Ooh, let me lend you a hand with that *wink*

How inviting does his armpit look for a little snuggle time?

Gracing the cover of DNA magazine back when he was leaner. I think I prefer him a little less bulky.

Sporting longer hair and furrier chest. Me likey.

He admired Bruce Lee growing up. Obviously, he still has a hard on for him as an adult.

How cute, he reads. LOL. I kid. Gotta love a stud with brains.

A couple of more magazine covers. (left). I’d totally let him pulverize my body. (right) the only word on that cover I understand is “orgasmo”. And the answer is… yes, please.

  • Tyrell

    This dude is cut! Good pick.

  • bharat narvekar

    i like justin woltering photo

  • bharat narvekar

    i like this picture of justin woltering i like his body i love him

  • bharat narvekar

    i want to meet on web cam

  • Killer physique. Without question. I’ll have to feature him on my website soon.

  • mike1089

    WTF – He’s a contestant on the game show “Let’s Ask America” and has the balls to do it shirtless.