Justin Trudeau Makes History With His Attitude Magazine Cover

Arguably, Justin Trudeau is the most pro-LGBT political leader in the world. In 2016, the 45-year-old politician became the first sitting Canadian Prime Minister to march at a Gay Pride Parade. He then invited Ireland’s openly-gay Prime Minister and his partner to march alongside him for the inaugural ‘Canada Pride 2017‘ in Montreal this past summer. Trudeau has once again made history.

The Liberal Party leader is Canada’s first Prime Minister to appear on the cover of an international LGBT magazine. He graces the cover of Attitude’s January 2018 issue. For the accompanying interview, he talks about the division in world politics, his first two years in office and more.

“If you allay people’s anxieties and fears about their own economic future, about their jobs and about their kids’ futures, it’s easier to build a cohesive, inclusive and positive society,” Trudeau tells the publication. “The politics of fear and division don’t work that well.”

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