Justin Timberlake Delivers Big Time On SNL…. Thanks Champagne!

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was pretty epic if you ask me. I was seriously laughing my head off the whole time. Justin Timberlake was back to host for his fifth time and to celebrate the occasion, several veterans from the “Five Timers Club” came back to welcome to the club. The famous faces included Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Candace Bergen, and Tom Hanks. They all joined him early on in the episode, but Aykroid & Martin came back again later as their “two wild and crazy guys” characters in the “It’s A Date” dating game sketch. By the end of that segment, Timberlake and Andy Samberg joined in and they became four “wild and crazy guys”. Poor Bobby Moynihan was left out of the equation.

There were so many funny moments in the episode, from Justin talking about peeing on people’s faces to commercials about vaginal bling and so much more. I also loved the Champagne sketch, with the two characters we fell in love with after the Swarovski Crystals sketch when Jamie Foxx was hosting. This time, their ad was for Moet & Chandon. “One time I did a weird shoot in Messico and the two other girls went missing, but I’m still here. Thanks Champagne!

Check out some of the sketches from last night below. I’m totally rewatching the entire episode later on.

Moet & Chandon

Weekend Update: Stefon on Spring Break

It’s A Date

Romantic Comedy


Maine Justice


  • Sean

    I prefer Robin Thicke over Justin Timberlake. Justin comes across so fucking lame anymore.