In the three years or so I’ve been writing my Man Crush posts, I think this is a first. I’m writing about a guy in a 30-second ad spot. While watching the NFL playoffs last weekend, I noticed this hot guy in a Miller Lite commercial downing saucy chicken wings. Immediately I asked myself who the stud in the tank top with the beefy arms was. After a few minutes on Google, I discovered his name is Justin James Hughes, along with a whackload of shirtless pictures (YUM).

You’d be surprised to know that this Las Vegas native had aspirations of attaining a degree in Business Management and getting a career in Casino Administration. Thankfully, he had a change of heart and decided to explore the entertainment industry. I can’t imagine a greater crime than covering up that bangin’ body of his and keeping it to himself. For shame.

In addition to appearing in the aforementioned Miller Lite ad, Justin has appeared in other commercials including an IHOP one. His television credits include guest spots on 90210, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Modern Family and Bones. If you want to check out his Improv and comedic talents, James Hughes has plenty of videos on his YouTube channel which you can click at the end of the post. In the meantime, check out the set of biceps below that inspired this week’s Man Crush feature.

He looks like someone here, but just can’t place it. Anyone have any ideas?

Looks like a natural with his tongue out 😉

Justin certainly loves mugging for the camera.

With a smokin’ body like that, he can make whatever face he likes.

Hello abs, how yo doin’?

You knew I was going to include an underwear shot. I do love my guys in tighty whities.

Trying to look all gangsta with graffiti in the background.

Channeling some old school 90s boy band poses.

I wonder why SYTYCD’s Dominic aka D-Trix is straddling Justin. More importantly, why am I not 😉

Trying to bring the soul patch back. I wonder what kind of hairy situation he has down there *wink*

Look at his guns ready to pop out of that green shirt.

Miller Lite ‘Corner Men’ Commercial

Here’s the commercial that introduced me to Justin James Hughes. He’s all kinds of yummy. I could lick off all that sauce on his bones… his leftover chicken wings, I mean.

To check out more of Justin, head over to his YouTube Channel and/or
Official Website.