Who’d You Rather: Green Arrow Edition

I was watching Emily Owens, M.D. last night when I thought of this battle. On the Ally McBeal meets Grey’s Anatomy medical dramedy, Justin Hartley plays the hot doctor the show’s protagonist pines for. I don’t blame her. Hartley is pretty damn sweet, especially during last night’s episode where there was a lot of close ups on his toned ripped body. SIGH.

I first became acquainted with the 35-year-old actor when he starred on NBC’s now defunct supernatural soap opera, Passions. Remember Little Timmy? That show was so insane. After his stint on daytime, he segued to primetime where he landed the role of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on Smallville. When the CW announced it was developing a show dedicated to the comic book hero, naturally Hartley’s name came up. In the end, producers went another direction.. a sexy one.

That direction’s name is Stephen Amell. This Canadian actor just oozes man. The 31-year-old actor guest starred on numerous shows including Queer as Folk, The Vampire Diaries, 90210 and New Girl to name a few. My favorite was his role on Showtime’s Hung where he played a male prostitute. Lots of gratuitous shirtless scenes. But by far, his biggest role to date is playing Oliver Green on Arrow. The pilot gave the network its highest ratings in years. Those titillating promo posters certainly did the trick.

While this Who’d You Rather battle may seem like an easy choice in Amell’s favor. I implore you to really check out each guy below. While Stephen has a rock hard body and a man’s man essence about him, Justin has this boyish sensitive appeal that’s attractive as well. Without ado, objectify these two guys below and cast your vote in our poll. May the odds be ever in their favor.

Stephen Amell

Justin Hartley

Who'd You Rather: Green Arrow Edition

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  • zurvivor

    Justin Hartley.

  • Chino Copuyoc

    possibly the hardest poll ive encountered here

  • Meh

    Justin Hartley looks great in his new show with his “grown up” hair.

  • Trey

    I wish they would add a third option like “I Can’t Decide” or “I’ll take one of each” because I’m a fan of both. I really like how they are doing the new Green Arrow but I also really liked the way Justin Hartley played the version on Smallville. And they are easily equally smokin hot, so I can’t vote either way.

  • MDJ

    They are BOTH gorgeous hands down!! I can’t choose. lol

  • ronnie

    Both. Twice.

  • jg

    I want to see them fight in bed, naked.

  • Mardie

    As a female, my two orifices can accommodate both. I’m okay with that sentence.