Justin Hartley Lets His Arms Do The Talking For Bello Mag

Photo by Aleksandar Tomovic
This Is Us aired its season finale recently. Sadly, this means we don’t get our weekly fix of Justin Hartley. To ease the pain, Bello Mag tapped the 40-year-old actor to grace the cover of their issue #148.

On Why He Took The Bachelor Kevin Pearson

“When I first read the script I thought this is one of the best stories I’ve ever seen, the best episode of television I’ve ever read in my life. Then on top of that the character was just so great, he’s funny he’s self aware, he’s in on the jokes, he’s also loveable and he’s just sort of in a stumbling place in his life.”

Check out more pictures of Hartley below snapped by Aleksandar Tomovic. Damn his arms look beefy. Forget the military budget. His guns are enough to protect the country.

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