Revenge Gets Its Gay On With Justin Hartley & Gabriel Mann’s Kissing Scene

I knew it. I knew it. The second I saw Justin Hartley’s character, Patrick, interact with Nolan (Gabriel Mann), I sensed there was something else going on. Whether Patrick is a full-on homosexual or just a gay-for-pay drifter looking for his next con, I’m hoping Revenge writers put Hartley in more intimate predicaments. Perhaps more poolside scenes, taking a steamy shower, or just laying around in bed? I’m really not picky, as long as he’s barely wearing anything.

Props to Nolan for upgrading to this hot piece of ass after that unfortunate encounter with psychotic bisexual hooker Tyler in Season 1. Just in case you missed Patrick and Nolan’s kissing scene last night, check it out below.

As an aside: Is anyone else watching Revenge this season? After last year’s misstep with that whole Initiative debacle, the show has returned to what it does best. Giving us those wickedly cold interactions between Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). I just can’t enough of those icy staredowns.

Nolan and Patrick Gay Kissing Scene

  • JP

    Spoiler alert !! -.-

    But i’m really excited about that couple!

  • stranded

    Nolan is hot, i hope that dude is a good guy. Also, no i haven’t been watching. I was addicted the first season, but for whatever reason i just didn’t care that much when it came back for it’s second season. The episodes i did catch, i didn’t like.

  • Ryan

    At least Padma…Padme? Was offed last season. Hartley is an incredible upgrade, and hopefully Nolan finally gets to have some fun…for at least a little longer than the show typically allows a character to enjoy themselves. =P