Justin Bieber is definitely really trying to push his sex symbol status with his “Beliebers”. He recently told Canada’s Macleans magazine, “I’ve been working out in the gym, getting bigger, trying to get sexy for the ladies.” Not sure if that includes Selena Gomez, with whom he has had an off again relationship.

Yesterday, the 18-year old (almost 19) posted a shirtless picture on Instagram / Twitter while in the gym (showing his underwear as well). The caption reads, “Back in the gym.” He later added another tweet, “Good workout. #focused“. Whatever helps him sell I guess and at least he’s not looking like a lesbian anymore. The Canadian pop star has sold well over 15 million albums so far.

So funny that the picture was posted the day that Ryan Steele uploaded the “Likes” video that poked fun at people posting “progress” pictures via social media. I’m guilty of doing that recently on Instagram (but I was honestly proud of the progress – LOL). So, to each their own and I can laugh at myself for doing it as well. Check out Justin Bieber’s progress pic below.

Wait a minute, so he wore the same overalls for his “sexy” picture as he did to meet the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper to receive his Diamond Jubilee Medal?