On Monday, I introduced you to Justin Bieber’s new track Mistletoe which is his lead-off single for his new Christmas album. On the air with Ryan Seacrest, Justin revealed the video would be out on Tuesday and low and behold, here it is. There is one thing that’s for sure, Justin Bieber is all grown up and this video showcases a little bit of that for us.

Set in what appears to be the snowy burbs of Anywhere, USA, Justin and his brunette beauty are on a little coffee date when a blond girl comes up and steals some of Justin’s attention. However, our brunette babe isn’t too fond of this attention. Later on when picking out scarves, she once again shows up and the brunette walks away. However, Justin to the rescue as they meet up to go to a little dance and the two lock lips. Aww, what a love story. I wonder if Selena Gomez had to approve the kiss?

Justin’s Christmas album, Under The Mistletoe will hit shelves on November 1st featuring duets with Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Check out the video for Mistletoe below and tell us what you think in the comments section.