Movie Review: Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”

Thanks to my friend Scott, this past weekend I was lucky enough to catch the screener of  Justin Bieber’s new film ‘Never Say Never‘ in 3D.  And now for a confession – I enjoyed it.

A few months back, I got to see Justin in concert and he was actually really good.  He put on a great show and – shocker – sang the whole thing live, which compared to most artists at least double his age, is a pretty big deal.  Anyway, after that concert I kind of understood the whole Bieber Fever thing.  I love ‘I Just Need Somebody to Love‘ and ‘U Smile’…ok, I love ‘Baby, Baby, Baby‘ and now ‘Never Say Never.’  Now that I’ve admitted that, we can talk about the movie.  The whole movie centers around the 10 days prior to Justin’s performance at Madison Square Garden and also tells the story of how he started out as a kid singing songs on YouTube.

You get a pretty good glimpse into his life as he prepares for the concert of his (young) lifetime.  We also meet his grandparents, managers, security guard, stylists, vocal coach (who happens to be Kim Zolciak’s vocal coach) and his mom & dad.  His dad is HOT and there’s a special moment when he sees Justin in concert for the first time and starts crying… the place where my heart should be thawed a bit.  What I noticed the most was that Justin is truly a talented kid, who is working really hard to realize his dream.  Cheesy, but true.

So, if you’re in the mood for a flick, just skip all those Oscar-worthy movies and go for the gold with ‘Never Say Never.’  In most theaters tomorrow.

MOVIE RATING: 3 out of 5 stars.

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