Justin Bieber’s “Die In Your Arms” Audio Hits The Web

This past weekend, Justin Bieber’s track “All Around The World” featuring Ludacris leaked on the web and fans of the Biebs were furious. I guess many are awaiting the albums full release before they are teased with new music. I however, was intrigued by the new dance track sound and have since been unable to stop listening to it. But, it’s not this pumping track that Bieber has revealed to be his next single. It will actually be the newly leaked audio for “Die In Your Arms.”

After hearing the dance floor anthem, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Justin on this track. My ears were once again shocked at the sound. The best way to describe the composition of this track is one part John Legend, one part Bruno Mars with a dash of Beyoncé. I know this may sound absolutely ridiculous upon a first read but honestly, he encompasses these three artists well on this more, R&B fused single.

The lyrics in the chorus ring out, “If I could just die in your arms | I wouldn’t mind cause every time you just touch I die in your arms | It feels so right, so baby baby please don’t stop girl!” The sound is definitely a lot more mature than we are used to hearing from the Biebs. I actually really like it and think now this Believe album could be quite the eclectic mix of genres showcasing Justin’s newfound versatility. Give the new single a listen below and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Justin Bieber, “Die In Your Arms”