For the past six weeks, I’ve been back in my old stomping grounds of Winnipeg, Manitoba working on a production of “Footloose.” After a few days of rehearsal, our young and energetic cast immediately bonded and we started hanging out outside of work. Whether it was grabbing a drink after rehearsals or going to the club on the weekend, we tried to find every excuse to spend time together.

In the course of all of this, my co-worker Cameron Carver had this idea to create a fun lip dub video similar to the one created by the cast of “Anything Goes.” I have to admit that at first, I thought the project was really ambitious but Cameron’s desire to make this happen stayed true. Quickly, Justin Bieber’s single “Boyfriend” became our cast theme song and right away, it was chosen as the track for our lip dub.

For two weeks, Cameron and myself took time to film individuals and groups lip syncing along to the catchy tune. Day by day, we compiled a ton of footage and one afternoon, began editing it all together into the masterpiece it is today. The video features our cast backstage getting ready for the show plus clips of some of our outings together and more. What I love most about this video is how it captures the fun we all had over these six weeks. I hope you enjoy some of the video’s comedic moments and laugh along with us. Enjoy the clip below.

The Cast of Footloose, “Boyfriend” Lip Dub