Since the 15-second preview of Justin Bieber’s new single Boyfriend, I have been on high alert waiting for this track to be released. Finally, it’s been unleashed upon iTunes and as expected, Beliebers around the globe sent Twitter into frenzy with the hastag #Boyfriend helping to promote the track and to hopefully give Bieber his first #1 hit single on Billboard. That’s right – despite his popularity and fan base, the Biebs has never received the #1 status for a single on Billboard.

But back to the song itself. It’s good – real good. One thing is for certain, Justin is maturing both in life and with his sound. I really hope that this song is an indication of what we can expect from his full album, Believe. The sound is right on point with Justin Timberlake comparisons. The excitement the song gives me reminds me of purchasing JT’s first solo album, Justified. The R&B guitar-driven sound is infectious and the hook is so catchy. While the soft spoken rap in the verses may not have the most compelling lyrics of all time, I think this is a great and exciting direction for Justin and his crew. Without further ado, give a listen to Boyfriend below and check out some behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of the record.

Justin Bieber, “Boyfriend”

If the above video gets removed, you can hear the song HERE!

Also, go behind-the-scenes of the recording of Boyfriend below.

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