While I would love to claim to be an authority on all things DC and Marvel I’m really just a huge admirer. I LOVE superpowers and adore the work they’ve done to promote the gay agenda of rights and equality for all those being “othered” in society. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those that fawn over the latest Superman doll as if it’s fisting porn (I have fisting porn for that)- instead, I love the action and fantasy of the escape. So, when I found out that DC was releasing it’s 17th (Christ that’s a lot and keep em’ coming!) installment of their ongoing comic book to film adaptations I was excited. After having watched it: i’m FLOORED.

This, I have to say, is by far my favourite of the expansive series. Not only is the animation spot on (they vary artists and time and advances always make difference) but the storyline and script is absolute. Long story short, The Flash (Barry Allen) suffered the loss of his mother at a young age- in this movie he (wait for it) attempts to run fast enough that he can go back in time to save her. Instead, he is shot into an alternate timeline plagued with a looming war between Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Amazons. I know, it sounds like a lot but it’s a 90 minute movie and worth every second of your time. The wit is dry, modern and combined with just the right amount of drama to have you laughing, gasping and caring about the characters all at once. Voiced by the sexy doctors of Grey’s Anatomy: Kevin McKidd and Justin Chambers as The Flash himself, you just want to listen to these gruff studs as they battle it out on screen.

Hopefully the trailer alone has you interested- if not the fact that there’s a million fights, explosions and competing super powers on this screen should do the trick for you. Personally, I’m never the BIGGEST fan of alternate timelines because it seems to me like anything that happens there just disappears when everyone gets back home to the “real world”… for some reason I like the thought of big changes (like a death etc) happening that STAY happened. The flip side of that though is that because it’s a different line they CAN get super violent and hell if they don’t here. Kids are slaughtered, nearly all the heroes and villains get maimed and ripped in half.. it’s kind of awesome. The movie is so well done, you care about how The Flash is going to save the world and I find myself falling for a character that never really was my favourite to start with- I’m just being honest! He always seemed a bit cocky to me but I love how humbled he is and dedicated in this film and definitely think you should check it out! If only to hear a bad guy tell The Flash: “Once again, you’re the bottom: I’m the top!!”

One of my top scenes happens early as Flash wakes up in the alternate timeline to find his mother still alive. As he attempts to “come out” to her as a superhero she assumes he’s going to tell her he’s gay. The line between the two experiences (being gay or having powers) has never been more blunt and clear and I love the writers for making the point for kids out there to realize who may not have caught the “subtletly” before. Second, the casual way The Flash’s mom takes the news and even better the way he dismisses the notion as simply not right rather than atrocious or rude… LOVE. This scene makes me swoon as an out and proud gay man who think that coming out should be so easy and non-issue.