‘Justice League’ Delivers Disappointing Box Office Numbers During Opening Weekend

In what world is an opening weekend haul of $96 million disappointing? In the DC Cinematic Universe that is. The latest installment certainly lacked superhero powers when it came to generating money and interest.

Justice League raked in the lowest domestic opening of any title in the DC Cinematic Universe. The holy grail in the franchise was Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman which bowed to $103 this past summer. Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted to $166 million domestically in 2016, while Suicide Squad took in $133.7 million later that year. The DCEU series kicked off in 2013 with Man of Steel’s $116.6 million debut.

When compared to rival Marvel Studios The Avengers franchise, it fared even more poorly. In 2012, The Avengers launched to a then-record $204.7 million domestically, followed by $191.3 million for Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. Given that DC Comics boasts arguably more famous superheroes, it’s certainly a gloomy day over at Warner Bros. With negative reviews and a mediocre B+ CinemaScore, I don’t expect the film to show any legs in the coming weeks

On the bright side, Justice League is doing much better internationally. It debuted to $185.5 million from 65 markets, including $51.7 million in China. It’s global bow totals $281.5, far less than the expected take of $325+ million.

In other box office news, Julia Roberts‘ latest entry, Wonder, scored a $27.1 million haul due to strong reviews and an excellent A+ CinemaScore. It was expected to only generate $10 million. The film adaptation of R.J. Palacio’s acclaimed children’s novel about a young boy with a facial deformity only cost $20 million to make.

Rounding out the Top 5 were, Thor: Ragnarok with $21.8 million ($247.7 million total), Daddy’s Home 2 with $14.8 million ($50.6 million total) and Murder on the Orient Express with $13.8 million ($51.7 million total).

Did you check out Justice League? What are your thoughts? Did you watch any movies this weekend? If so which one? Sound off below.