For this week’s Man Crush I decided to hand over the reigns to one of our readers. Nathaniel suggested on our Facebook Fan Page that Justice Joslin become the next object of my online lust love. Clearly, he’s been following Homorazzi for a while. Justice is definitely my type. WOOF. PS: How sexy is that name? I’ve been a bad boy and papa needs some “justice” 😉

Joslin hails from Johnson City, Tennessee. Born in 1987, this stud is a former athlete who played football for the Wofford Terriers and in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Nowadays, Justice has turned his focus on modeling. He definitely has the face and smokin’ body for it. He’s scruffy in all the right places. Justice has also dabbled in acting, appearing in The Quarry and Fish Bait: The Movie. Check out this stud’s hot photos below. If you like a hairy chest, you’re going to love Joslin. Happy lusting.

Military chic. Attention!!!

Giving major face. I’d rather head. LOL. I kid.

No need to ponder Justice. You’re one sexy bear.

A little crack goes a long way.

Veins popping. Eyes locking.

I like a man with a fedora.

Loving the curly hair and the piercing blueish-grey eyes.

That is one heinous tie. It needs to hit the floor, among other things.

No words needed. Perfection. Like for real, real.

I’d like to huddle up with him.

I spy with my little eye something that’s leaning left.