WTF: Just Like Mom’s Creepy Pedo Moments


This is actually very bizarre – if bizarre is even the right word to use in this case. The premise of this hit Canadian talk show that aired between 1980 to 1985 on CTV was to determine which child & mother pair knew each other the best, through “answer-matching and the Bake-off Challenge.” Sounds normal enough – until you meet the host. It was hosted by Fergie Oliver (actually, also his wife Catherine Swift) but she is not the focus of this post.

I came across this video compiling some of the most awkward and creepy moments on his show, where he continually and persistently asks little girls for kisses. Okay, this type of could be normal for family, extended family, close family friends, but some random stranger TV host putting these kids on the spot and trying to force them to give him a kiss is inappropriate. This type of thing obviously would never fly on a gameshow in today’s world. Bill Cosby catching Kids Say The Darnedest Things was cute, but this makes me cringe.

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