Five Movies To See In June

While summer isn’t officially here for a few more weeks, it’s certainly summer blockbuster time in theaters. Next month we’ve got two big comedies, a horror/thriller, a big superhero flick, and crime drama, which is sure to be a gem!

Check out my picks for June’s must see movies below!

The Internship

Release Date: Opens June 7th

Why you should see it: I know I said last year that I was SO OVER another silly Vince Vaughn comedy, but there’s no denying the chemistry when he and Owen Wilson are on screen. If this is anything like Wedding Crashers I’m sure it’ll be hilarious.

The Purge

Release Date: Opens June 7th

Why you should see it: 12 hours. No laws. No emergency services. What an amazing concept and an absolutely thrilling trailer. My heart races every time I watch it.

This is the End

Release Date: Opens June 12th

Why you should see it: To see Michael Cera slap Rihanna’s ass again.

Man of Steel

Release Date: Opens June 14th

Why you should see it: If executive producer Chris Nolan can do for Superman what he did for Batman, this doesn’t even need an explanation. If you’re still not sold… as Donovan mentioned earlier this week, Henry Cavill is HOT!

The Bling Ring

Release Date: Opens June 14th

Why you should see it: My number one must see for the month. Sofia Coppola can do no wrong in my eyes. Also, I was completely enthralled by the whole burglar bunch scandal when it hit Hollywood a few years ago. While I couldn’t stand to watch Alexis Neiers whine and cry through one more episode of Pretty Wild, THIS I must see.

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What are your thoughts? Will you guys be checking out any of these films, or are there others you plan to see? Let me know below!

  • Kevin

    How is the Purge an “an amazing concept?” Crime is at an all time low AND unemployment is down because the Government gives everybody a 24 hour period to do whatever the hell they want? Really? People with that much rage to kill or take out revenge on someone would be patient enough to wait all year for one day? How does any of this even relate to the unemployment rate?
    Such an absurd concept.

  • Kevin – I think it’s a stretch on the Darwin Awards, the weak get culled. But that’s why it’s a fantasy film. 🙂

  • Leon Walker

    I think, The Purge, This is The End, and The Bling Ring all look really good! Xx

  • djb

    Hand down… Man of Steel!