Best News Bloopers Of July 2013

The guys over at News Be Funny have compiled all the best news bloopers from July 2013. A few highlights include a woman inadvertently drawing a penis while describing traffic (:13 mark), fake Asian pilot names (:56 mark), a weather woman rolling her eyes thinking the camera has panned away (2:37 mark) and a really weird bear safety demonstration (1:08 mark). You really have to see it to believe it.

But my favorite is this woman giving an eyewitness account (7:20 mark). I really can’t understand her, but her actions while describing the events had me laughing. She looked like a crazy pecking chicken. She’s even wearing yellow.

Another hilarious moment is a reporter on location at a mall calling out passersby (6:30 mark). He brings the unsuspecting guys for an interview about embarrassing things such as genital warts and wearing woman’s panties to name a few. Check out the bloopers compilation below which includes the aforementioned items along with usual laughing fits and flubbed lines.

Best News Bloopers July 2013

  • Jamal

    So, Donovan,

    The crazy lady in the yellow that you said resembled “crazy pecking chickens” (LOL), Her name is Rosie and she’s a resident from an inner-city community in Kingston, Jamaica.

    She has caused quite the stir here too. She’s hilariously mocked non-stop. Talk about A-NI-MA-TED. But what she was complaining about was her furniture (including an expensive flat-screen HD TV, apparently) were all damaged due to extending flooding caused by maintenance work being done on the road and bridge close by her house. In effect, she was saying, “We need justice, it is justice we want!”

    The comedy never ends.

  • andrew

    The best blooper was the traffic lady drawing the penis on the board. On another note: I think some modeling agency should check out the young guy in the black jacket being questioned about the kind of underware he wears. He’s got potential: looks tall and in good shape, has a beautiful face with high cheek bones.