Now that my 2011 Model Behavior Showdown is over, I can get back to sharing some of the hottest male models around and get back to my weekly Model Behaviors. Let’s face it, we need to drool over some new meat. After thoroughly enmeshed in recapping my 2011 picks, it’s time to focus on some fresh “talent”. No offense boys, but it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Editor’s note. Next week, Model Behavior will go back to its normal publish time of every Tuesday.

Since I’m making a concerted effort to get back into shape this year, I thought my inaugural 2012 pick had to have a smoking body. I’m using Julio Capetti as one of my gym inspirations to motivate myself into a workout routine. This flab isn’t going anywhere without some sweat and a lot of tears. LOL. What better way than to inspire me than gawking at a hot Brazilian male model. You know they’re my weakness, along with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Talk about polar opposites on my guilty pleasure list.

I couldn’t find much biographical info on this handsome man. But with a body like this, who really cares about his background? All the research I need can be found inspecting his finely toned body. He’s not too big and not too muscly. Julio is just right. Most of the following pics were taken for a photo shoot for JAM underwear by photographer Roman Gellida. How lucky was Roman to spend an entire day with Julio telling him what to do with is sexy body. Some boys get all the luck. Check out why I picked Julio as my first Model Behavior feature of 2011 below. Hopefully, he’ll inspire me to do more squats, sit-ups, bench presses and all that “fun” stuff at the gym in the coming year. Here’s hoping.

Julio Capeletti Model Stats

Height: 6’1.5″
Waist: 32
Shoe: 12
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Take a good look. This will be the last time you’ll see him with a shirt on for awhile.

Since I’m using Julio as one of my gym inspirations, I thought we’d take a quick 360 view of his assets. First up, are his pecks, abs and arms. Check, check and check.

Next up are his sexy obliques. Can’t pinch an inch on those bad boys.

Lastly, we can’t forget about his scrumptious booty. I’m dreading all the squats ahead in my future, if I want something as plump.

Now that we’ve seen his perfectly sculpted body, let’s see what kind of underwear he looks best in. You all know how much I love my tighty whities.

I like my tighty whities even more when they’re skimpy like this.

Black is sexy but it’s harder to check out his visible penis line. BOOOOOO.

Oh I give up, he looks good in all kinds of underwear. I’m sure he’d look even better without them. Can I get an amen?

Here he is sporting some prison-like striped boxers. I’d be his prison cellmate. Think of all the Oz-like fun we can have 😉

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? You of course, silly.

Typically, I like to end my model posts with a shirtless pic, but since this post is very skin-heavy, I thought I’d show him wearing *gasp* clothes *gasp*. The horror. Something this tasty should never be covered up so much.

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