Julie Chen Reportedly Staying With Big Brother Until Fall 2019

Looks like the Chenbot is here to stay. At least according to Deadline.

Despite Julie Chen Moonves delivering an emotional goodbye to her daytime gig, The Talk, the 48-year-old intends on staying put with Big Brother and its spinoff, Celebrity Big Brother.

The publication reports, Chen Moonves “has told individuals at the network that she wants to keep her 18-year gig hosting the reality competition series. Additionally, sources close to Chen Moonves say she will continue to work on Big Brother and looks forward to hosting the show for years to come.”

Thank God. The summer staple just wouldn’t be the same. Watching Big Brother without Julie would feel as weird as seeing someone else snuff people’s torches on Survivor than Jeff Probst.

Glad Julie is staying put for the time being? Big Brother Season 21 wraps up next Wednesday. Who are you rooting for? Personally, I’d be happy with any of the Final 3 winning. Weigh in below.