Julianne Hough’s New Video Too Hot For CMT (But Not For Homorazzi)

Julianne Hough released her new video for Is That So Wrong and it is amazing. Not only is it a catchy Country track, but the DWTS superstar really shows off her incredible dance moves and flexibility. In the video she is coming up to her apartment with a load of stuff and drops some flowers in the flowers in the process. An attractive, tall man comes to her aid and picks them up. She comes back upstairs and thinks about him while dancing around her apartment.

In her apartment, she does a backwards somersault onto the couch while taking off her sweater, revealing herself in a tank top. She gets off the couch and spins towards the window (which is displaying a gorgeous view of downtown LA). She caresses the couch with her foot and then spins over the a lounge chair where she lays upside and teases the camera. Later on, she dances into her bedroom (in a bra and short shorts) and somersaults onto her bed, pulling through a center split. Hotness right?

Well, according to CMT, its a little too hot for the country superstation. They have not released an official statement, but CMT has yet to play the video on its music video segments and has not posted it under new videos on the website or under Julianne’s artist page. Huh. Seems a bit fishy to me. Despite the fact that CMT may find it too darn hot, Homorazzi found just hot enough!

What did you think? Too hot for TV or just hot enough to get you going? I personally love the video and think it isn’t any racier than other things we’ve seen on TV. Remember that Rascal Flatts video for Melt? Now that’s a steamy video.

  • Timmee

    Not too prevocative. Pretty tastful. I like it.