Julian Edelman & Jimmy Garoppolo Have A Sexy Patriots Workout


This is what I call a touchdown!

Julian Edelman and his New England Patriots teammate Jimmy Garoppolo engage in the Super Bowl of hotness. IMHO, I declare Edelman the winner. In Jimmy’s defense though, he barely appears in the clip. If you blink, you’ll probably miss Tom Brady’s stand-in’s sexy body.

Watch them, mostly Julian, working out sans shirt in sunny Los Angeles.

EDELMAN: Los Angeles

  • totesanon

    Isn’t it technically a cover of Diana Ross’ “I’m coming out” Is this blog gay?

  • Technically, it’s not a cover of Diana’s disco hit. Rather, Mo Money Mo Problems just samples the chorus in Biggie’s 90s rap classic. Therefore, since Iggy raps Biggie, Diddy and Mase’s lyrics, it’s a cover of that track and not “I’m Coming Out.”

  • Joshua

    I cannot even wait for this to download. I’m obsessed with her right now.

  • Rodney Holston

    That actually sounds pretty good, can’t wait for the full release.