Who’d You Rather: Baptista VS Campanioni

It had been a while since I did more of a “model” Who’d You Rather so when I came across these two hotties over the Memorial Day weekend, I couldn’t help but send them in to battle against each other to see who you’d pick to… cozy up in bed with. Meet actor and model Juan Alfonso Baptista and model Chris Campanioni.

Juan was born September 9th, 1976 in Venezuela and is an actor best known for his roles on the telenovelas Pasión de Gavilanes and La Mujer En El Espejo. Juan was a part of the Venezuelan National Selection of Soccer when he was 13. His interest in acting came afterwards. Juan also holds a degree in odontology and in advertising. No big deal. Baptista now lives in LA and works as a model.

Chris was born in 1985 in Manhattan and has only been modelling since 2007. In his first two years, he garnered some pretty heavy hitting gigs including C-IN2 underwear, Tetu and DNA magazine. Chris considers himself quite the outdoorsman who loves being on the water and playing sports. Signed with Silver Models, Chris mainly does underwear and fitness modelling but would like to move into acting as well.



Who'd You Rather: Baptista VS Campanioni

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  • Arnaud

    None of them!