When all else fails, there’s always GuysWithiPhones.com, right? This past year, “famous” men keep popping up on the NSFW site showing of their abs, and in some cases a lot more. Now, a former American Idol 10 contestant has just showed up on the site rocking his sexy body. If America was voting on his abs, he’d surely have won.

This guy has actually had quite a few shirtless iPhone pics surface over the last few months. The former shipyard worker has been working hard at the gym and I guess he wants to show off the fruits of his labor… immediately following his workouts (the pictures are taken in the locker room).


He is a 23 year old Cuban from Harvey, Louisiana who was one of the Top 12 Boys in the last American Idol season. He now lives in Miami where he’s apparently being mentored by one of his heroes, Jon Secada.

“Whoa, dog!” – Something Randy would say.

Looks like we have a “situation” here.