Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. In lieu of being all lovey-dovey on this Hallmark holiday, I decided to dedicate my Model Behavior feature to a male model that oozes sex and made me conjure up sinfully naughty thoughts. YUM. If celebrating love today isn’t your thing, then I’m sure lusting after a nice piece of eye candy will suit you just fine.

Meet 25-year-old sex on a stick, Joshua Day. This handsome man recently stripped down for a sexy shoot for Australian mag, DNA. Photographer Andy Amaro snapped Day in his briefs on the beaches of Miami for the publication. Joshua has also posed for famed photographer Rick Day as well. Currently, he lives in New York and signed with Ford Models (NYC) and 301 Models (Miami). Fun fact. Joshua was the title holder of Mr. Model Universe in 2009. I didn’t even know there was a competition for that. Based on the pictures below, I can see how he won. He’s definitely a looker.

Joshua Day Model Stats

Height: 6’2″
Waist: 32
Shoe: 12
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel

Someone’s a “nasty pig”? At least that’s what his jock strap says.

With the slicked hair, he reminds me a bit of Clark Kent aka Superman.

AY PAPI. He is one sexy mo-fo.

I have to say he looks mighty delicious in that tan suit on the right? I hope he’s wearing that ratty “nasty pig” jock strap underneath it though.

Those veins on his arms and side are pretty damn sexy.

Side profile or head on, Joshua gives good head, I mean face 😉

I’m not at fan of Ed Hardy but Joshua makes everything look good.

He oozes sex in practically every picture, which I love. That said, it’s nice to see a more innocent side of him.

Josh is so ripped, he’s got more ridges than an Olympic mogul run.

I think he needs to let his “goods” breath. They look a little too snug in those skimpy briefs.

Speedos or board shorts? What’s your fetish?

Damn those pecs look spectacular.