Another hump day, another set of beautiful men to decide, Who You’d Rather. After last week’s brotherly affair, I thought I’d bring it back to two different models this week. Meet today’s offerings: we have the 32-year-old model and avid skateboarder Josh Wald and the 30-year-old model and photographer, Sven Smits. Let’s learn a little bit more about these boys.

Josh hails from New York and stands tall at 6 foot 2. This brown hair, brown eyed tall drink of water does a lot of commercial print and fashion runway modeling. When you take a look at his pictures below, you’ll see that Josh looks just as good in clothes as he does out of them. However in my opinion, who wouldn’t prefer him out. You always can’t help but be slightly attracted to the fact that he’s also a skateboarder. It gives him that bad boy vibe. I like.

Sven is a Belgian boy that towers at 6 foot 1. Sven is also a brown hair, brown eyed beauty who has done a lot of editorial and commercial print. He has this tattoo that runs up his stomach and a face that makes you want to do whatever he says. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t kick him outta bed. Sven also likes to photograph models as well and does take some stunning photos. When his print career is over, you can expect him to take a roll behind the lens instead.

Okay, you’re heard their bios, you know what they do, but now, it’s time to make that crucial decision. Who’d You Rather. You can only have one and you can’t see neither so study the pictures below and choose carefully. This one is a little tougher than most.



Who'd You Rather: Wald VS Smits

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