Josh Strickland: Report To The Floor

I have no idea why it took the guy so long to release a solo single. If you don’t know who Josh Strickland is, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Josh made his debut in the 2nd season on American Idol, then he went to Broadway and starred in “TARZAN” as…well Tarzan! His latest gig is the male vocalists in the Las Vegas production “PEEPSHOW” starring Holly Madison. I sat up and took notice of this guy after watching my first episode of “Holly’s World” when his southern accent and dreamboat good looks came onto the screen. ZOINKS! Where has this boy been my whole life? I’m not even kidding.

I obsessively did what any internet stalker would do and started following him Twitter, and yesterday morning saw that he had release his first single, out on ITunes. So I took a listen…and it was pretty good. While i was listening to it, what stood out to me the most was how powerful his voice really was, it almost totally overtook the whole melody. I am excited to see where he goes, because his voice is truly something incredible. “Report to the Floor” is a club thumper that will get played for sure, and has already broken the top 50Dance chart on Itunes.

It will get it’s television broadcast premiere this Sunday on “Holly’s World” on E…I will be watching like I always do.

Congrats Joshua (I think that’s a cuter name don’t you? )

You can get his single on ITUNES just CLICK HERE for it!


  • EZ

    I’m impressed! I too can’t wait to see where he goes.

  • Check out this sickening mashup with JLO

  • Dylan

    Call me a hater. Lol. I hated it. I wouldn’t ever listen to this twice. It sounds like a Justin Timberlake super reject

  • It’s a good first dance single. His voice is SUPER strong he should try something else out as well. But it’s good. I like it.

  • Hey Tommy it’s also on Amazon, and also on Amazon Tarzan the Broadway Musical soundtrack that Josh is on and Dreaming Wide Awake.

  • Robert

    After I saw his show air where the PI’s found his birth Mother, I called those same Private Eyes. Guess what?! Eye Spy found my dad for me too. I love mike and Carey at eye spy and I love Josh for giving me the courage to do this.

  • Christine

    Josh ,I love your song.I also love the show Hollys World because your the reason i watch the show.When you found your birth mother i cried with you.Your mothers name is Cindy and i called my kitten Cindy she is a rag doll breed.I hope your in the next show Hollys World.Your a wonderful person.

  • Dee dd

    I think Josh is a true star His adoption story brought tears to my eyes he is a true sweetheart.

  • Liza

    I think he has an amazing voice! Funny he jokes about people mistaking his latest single for Christina Aguilera! haha