YouTube funny man Josh Rimer has been bringing the comedy on the viral video site for a while now. Whether it be music video parodies or hilarious shorts, Josh is sure to put a smile on your face and a giggle in the belly. For his latest music video parody, Josh asked if I would jump on board to play his hook up and I couldn’t resist.

This time around, Josh chose Chris Brown’s current dancefloor single, Don’t Wake Me Up to parody with his own rendition of a hook up from the bar called terribly wrong. May I introduce you to, Can’t Get It Up. Once Josh gets me into his apartment, he leaves to freshen up but soon reveals that he’s having a little problem down below. Will he choose to tell me? Will we get together in the end? You’ll have to watch to find out. Check out his latest video parody and share your comments below.

Josh Rimer, “Can’t Get It Up” Chris Brown Parody