Man Crush: Josh Pence

Up until yesterday, I had no idea who I was going to pick as this week’s Man Crush. That all changed when I watched the newly-released movie trailer for Battleship. Since I had already chosen Taylor Kitsch as a previous Man Crush and write about Alexander Skarsgard incessantly, I thought I’d focus my attention on some new meat. Meet Josh Pence. You may not recognize him, but he was in one of 2010’s biggest critical and commercial hits. To boot, he’s got two major films being released in 2012. This boy is on the cusp of hitting it big.

This former model was born in Santa Monica, California to a real estate agent father and teacher mother. His first movie role was in “The Good Shepherd” as the Bonesman. In 2010, he appeared in “the social network“. He played Tyler Winklevoss. You’re probably thinking, didn’t Armie Hammer play both roles? Yes, he did. But whenever a shot required the two brothers near each other, Pence was used as the body double and Hammer’s head was superimposed on his body later.

Pence was up and read for the role of “Thor” and was liked by director Kenneth Branaugh. The studio, however, felt uncomfortable letting a virtual unknown carry a $150 million film. I have no complaints about Chris Hemsworth getting the part (YUM), but Pence certainly does look a lot like the Nordic God. 2012 will prove to be Josh’s breakout year. He’ll appear in two potential blockbusters. First up, is in the aforementioned “Battleship“. Following that up, he’ll portray a young Ra’s al Ghul in the highly-anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises“. Now that you know Pence’s body of work, get to know his actual body in a few shirtless pics below. Hope you enjoy.

J. Crew eat your heart out.

You can almost smell that obnoxious A&F cologne just by looking at this pic. I’d rather smell his man sweat. YUM.

Doesn’t he look a bit like a redneck Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)?

Working out some brokedown poses while sporting an 80s retro power suit. He now has controlling interest in Denver Carrington Oil. LOL. If you get that Dynasty reference, you’re as old as me… or as gay.

I see London. I see France. I see Josh’s underpants and more importantly his bush.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

He looks so 90s heroin chic here. He would’ve made a perfect extra on Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” music video.

Giving Gisele Bundchen a run for her money.

Look at his perfectly coiffed, I just got out of bed, hair.

With or without pony tail? Whatever, as long as I get to ride the pony *wink*.