Man Crush: Josh Kelly

Apparently I was crush-less in April. I can’t believe I didn’t write a Man Crush post during the entire month. To get back in the saddle (so to speak), I planned on highlighting a completely different stud but since One Life To Live returned back to the airwaves (or should I say online for their relaunch), I thought I’d crush on one of its stars.

Meet Josh Kelly. Not to be confused with Katherine Heigl’s hubby Josh Kelley, this Josh is a buff drink of blond water. Born in Japan, Kelly lived the life of your typical army brat, living in various locations (Guam, Philippines, Maryland, Georgia, Maine) during his childhood. After graduating high school, he followed in his father’s footsteps and enlisted in the Army where he served three tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq.

Before landing the role of Cutter Wentworth on One Life To Live, the 31-year-old actor played bit roles on Ugly Betty, True Blood, Army Wives and Rizzoli and Isles to name a few. He made the leap to the silver screen when Michael Bay cast him in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Josh returned for Transformers: Dark of the Moon where he appeared in front of the camera and served as a military consultant after Bay saw his post-traumatic stress short film, Cope. Check out this stud below in all his glory. You’ll never guess which former Jersey Shore star he’s acting with on OLTL.

JWoww With Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly Shirtless One Life To Live

  • Mixen

    LOVE OLTL and Josh Kelly is a cutie-pie!

  • Mixen

    I actually met him once at the OLTL studio in the city (when it was on ABC). He’s super nice, so well deserved Man-Crush status 😉

  • Herbert

    No wonder I liked him on OLTL before its cancellation. He and some of the other actors “got to me”.

  • andrew

    Josh Kelly is one good looking Gael.

  • bret

    oh myyyyyyyyyyyy….

  • ScoobyDooFTW

    Ugh, he’s so f–king sexy!

  • Mmmm yummo.

  • J Russell

    Ohh Jason……agree 100 % here…..and as well…I Sir LOVE to do what U Love to do..also!! Ummm, I’m ready, willing and wanting to Love what U love to do….to YOU! lol I know I got this right!! WOW….take care man! JR