Josh Hutcherson Talks Filming THAT Naked ‘Future Man’ Scene

No doubt you’ve seen that much-talked about scene in his new Hulu series, Future Man. If not, it featured a full-frontal Josh Hutcherson battling his equally naked double. Though they looked identical from the waist up, the story wasn’t the same below the equator. One sported a massively bigger penis than the other.

The 25-year-old actor talked about filming that unforgettable scene during a Q&A with his fans yesterday. “I knew it was going to be really funny and it was going to be done tastefully, so to speak. It was the day before that we actually figured out how we were going to do it,” he reveals. Watch below to learn what tricks were used to bring that scene to life.

Future Man is basically a self-aware riff on the 1984 sci-fi flick, The Last Starfighter. Hutcherson plays Josh Futturman, a janitor by day and world-ranked gamer by night who travels through time to prevent the extinction of humanity after mysterious visitors from the future proclaim him the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion. All 13 episodes of the first season are now available on Hulu for your binge-watching pleasure. Check out that memorable scene below.