Who’d You Rather: Duhamel VS Olyphant

Over the weekend, I was perusing through a People magazine while awaiting my order at a favorite local sushi restaurant. In the pages, I found a little quote where Josh Duhamel said how flattered he was to be compared to (and sometimes confused for) Timothy Olyphant. While their looks aren’t extremely uncanny, the two do look similar. They aren’t even that far apart in age with Josh sitting at 39 and Timothy at 43. So I thought, why not make them a Who’d You Rather pair?

Josh Duhamel became a household name for soccer moms everywhere when he starred on All My Children as Leo du Pres. Then in 2004, Josh had his feature film breakout role in the terrible (but endearing) romantic comedy Win A Date With Tad Hamilton which shamefully, I own on DVD. He then went on to star on the TV series Las Vegas and then move his way through the ranks as William Lennox in the Transformers films. Josh also spends his time being married to Black Eyed Pea, Fergie. Josh will appear next in the film Fire With Fire out in theaters this Spring.

Timothy Olyphant made his feature film debut in The First Wives Club but is probably best known for his movie role character, Agent 47 in Hitman or as his character Raylan Givens in the hit television series Justified. The latter character garnered Timothy a primetime Emmy nomination for best lead actor and former, a sequel which is rumored to be released sometime this year. Timothy also appeared in I Am Number Four and Rango last year. Timothy is married to Alexis Knief and the two have three children: 2 girls and a boy. Make your choice between the two below.

Josh Duhamel

Timothy Olyphant

Who'd You Rather: Duhamel VS Olyphant

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  • Micheal

    This had to be one of the easier choices for me. Olyphant definitely gets my vote. He’s a fantastic actor, was a voice in Modern Warfare 3 and is salt & pepper sexy. He has such bedroom eyes, you could get lost in them for days.

  • Nicholas Cordero

    I can’t belive you forgot Timothy Olyphant in “The Broken Hearts Club”, one of the best gay films ever!

  • Erik

    Oh I love both, but I’ve been in love with Timothy Olyphant from The First Wives Club. he just has such a sexy mouth! can’t help it. I love josh, great face too, but in this one I can’t let go of my Timothy ;-p

  • Oh my TImothy, I have been in LOVE since I saw GO. He’s so dreamy. good choice T.

  • gogo

    Timothy Olyphant would have been an easy choice if he didn’t get those veeners. I liked his teeth before they gave him character. Still would do him though lol.

  • The comments say Timothy but the votes say Josh. Come on Timothy fans… get his votes going!

  • Mixen


  • Jeff

    How ironic that I came here today. I didn’t know they had been compared before, but I swear after watching “The Crazies” the other day, I did just that. They do have some similarities (astrologically total opposites though haha), but I have to agree with another poster. While both are good looking, there’s something about Tim’s mouth. LOL

  • Micheal

    I just figured out what Timothy Olyphant has that Josh Duhamel doesn’t. He has a certain lupine quality about him that makes him sexy, and that’s what Duhamel lacks for me.

  • Donny

    Up until about six months ago, I would have picked Josh. But he’s a prick. So Timothy it is.

  • Kal

    Olyphantastic gets my vote.

  • jefie

    Hot! and hotter!josh duhamel

  • Jase

    I would totally suck seed out of Timothys hard sweaty cock, ANYTIME!

  • Pepper

    Tim has soul, hes got class, hes got style, hes BADASS !!!

    (Something that Josh just doesnt have- animal magnetism!)

  • JackMihoff

    Forget The First Wives Club, catch the young and virile Olyphant as a bi character in the art house flick Advice From A Caterpillar.