Josh Duhamel Is One Hot Cashier For Diet Pepsi

Imagine lining up to pay for your groceries and standing in front of you is none other than Josh Duhamel. That’s exactly what a few unsuspecting Los Angeles shoppers at a supermarket experienced over the weekend. Lucky hookers. The 40-year-old actor played cashier for Diet Pepsi’s #dietpepsicheckout campaign.

“I had a blast ‘checking out’ Diet Pepsi fans at the cash register, it was like hosting my own candid camera!” Duhamel joked.  “Seeing the surprised reactions in real-time was really fun and I hope we gave a lot of shoppers a great story to tell their friends and family.”

In the clip, an incognito Duhamel poses as a store clerk scouring the aisles, parking lot, and register lines to find and “check out” Diet Pepsi fans. An elaborate hidden camera set-up gave Duhamel the chance to play up his comedy chops and surprise shoppers throughout the store. From stocking the shelves to corralling shopping carts to taking over the in-store loud speaker to scanning shoppers, Josh stops at nothing to deliver a refreshingly unexpected break in the everyday routine of grocery shopping, all of which is captured on film. Check out the clip below.

Diet Pepsi and Josh Duhamel Present: “Check Out”

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    That was actually hilarious.