If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’re going to love this week’s Man Crush because he’s Prince Charming. Literally. You might recognize Josh Dallas as the gallant hero on ABC’s new fantasy series, “Once Upon A Time“. I wasn’t expecting to like this show, but I find myself looking forward to each episode. I’m not the only one, the show is a breakout hit. ABC is certainly on a role with “Revenge“, “Suburgatory” and “Once Upon A Time“. That being said, they also had “Charlie’s Angels” and “Pan Am” this season.

Born Joshua Paul Dallas in Louisville, Kentucky in 1981, Josh first caught my eye last year during an episode of “Hawaii 5.0“. I was so smitten that I contemplated choosing him as a Man Crush last year. I’m glad I waited, because he’s padded up his resume since then with some very notable jobs. Plus, he looks even hotter now.

Dallas studied at a performing arts school in London, England. Upon graduating, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. After doing that for several years, he decided to move to Hollywood to become a huge star. He’s certainly on his way after landing a lead role on “Once Upon A Time”. Prior to landing this regular gig, his biggest role was playing Fandral in this past summer’s hit film “Thor“. How lucky was he to get to hang with Chris Hemsworth for weeks while filming. Lucky guy.

Fun fact. He played a bomb squad officer in the “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” episode that featured Justin Bieber’s acting debut. Josh’s character was unfortunately killed by one of Bieber’s bombs on the show. Damn you, Bieber.

For all of you wondering, Josh is straight and married. BOO. His wife is British actress Lara Pulver. The couple honeymooned in the Maldives. Lucky beyotch. First of all, being in the Maldives is a dream of mine and to be there with Josh Dallas on a private island is the icing on the cake. Color me extremely jealous. Check out the hotness that is Josh Dallas in the pictures below. He’ll have you swooning too.

Oh, Prince Charming. I’d play “dead” just to let him kiss me over and over again. I think it would take at least 100 kisses to wake me up from my deep sleep.

From Prince Charming to Mr. GQ. Definitely fills out a suit. That being said, I prefer him just wearing those suspenders and nothing else. RAWWWWWR.

It’s official, Josh is a knock out.

Love the light facial hair. Out of curiosity, anyone growing a moustache this Movember?

With this head shot, it’s no wonder he keeps booking jobs. I can think of a couple of jobs I’d hire him for- hand and blow. LOL.

Josh proves that you don’t need a six pack to be sexy.

Cowabunga dude. A screen from his guest star stint on “Hawaii 5.0”.

Sure, Chris Hemsworth’s super buff body stole the show in “Thor”, but Dallas as Fandral can certainly hold his own.

There’s something about this picture that just screams sex. Perhaps, it’s the way the t-shirt fits him, the veins on his hands or that pouty mouth. Whatever it is, it all works.

Looking like a 90s boy band reject, don’t you think? Not loving his hair. Wise move on his part to keep his hair short. Much hotter.

I thought I’d end the post the same way I started it. Doesn’t he look handsome in this outfit?