Do you recognize the name Josey Greenwall? Well, if you’re a country music fan, you may remember a younger him being a Nashville music superstar. However, when Josey decided to make the tough decision to openly come out as gay, he was immediately dropped from his label. Despite the obstacle, Josey didn’t let that stop him and continued to move his career forward. He has since become a very successful model and has many acoustic covers on YouTube garnering him tons of views.

In the latest issue of DNA, Josey talks about life, love, his music and of course, his best friend, Rodiney Santiago who also joined in for part of Josey’s shoot for the mag shot by photographer Richard Gerst. The two frollick in the sand and show off their comradery quite nicely. When Richard asked Josey if he was excited to be on the cover, he said:

Absolutely! I don’t think there are enough words to describe how excited I am, really. I feel extremely honoured to be in such great company with all of the other cover models that have been on DNA’s cover. When I look back at all of your magazines and then see the one with me on the front, it really is a surreal moment that I’m still trying to take in. I think what I’m most excited about is that achieving something like this is the kind of milestone in someone’s career that they never forget.

Aside form the smokin’ hot photos in the mag’s latest issue, Josey and Rodiney teamed up for another YouTube music cover together. This time, the two tackled Britney Spears’ How I Roll. While I know that Josey has quite the voice, Rodiney has proven before that his isn’t the most golden. However, the two pull this song off quite nicely and I almost prefer it to the original. Check out the sexy photos from the mag and the acoustic cover below.