Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks “Dark Knight Rises” On Jay Leno

Batman fans out there are dying for any piece of information they can get for the forthcoming film Dark Knight Rises. Last night (September 21st), actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt stopped by The Jay Leno Show to talk about the current filming of the film and he even revealed the character he is playing.

When Joseph responded with, “John Blake, Gotham PD,” the audience began to laugh. Confused, Joseph asked the audience why that was funny when Jay stepped in to say that there were a few rumors out there that Joe was potentially playing Batman’s trusty (and heavily homo influenced) sidekick, Robin. Alas, that is not the case. Here is some more of what Joseph had to say about the fans and Batman as a whole:

“There’s a lot of rumors, people like to talk about Batman … It’s flattering, people do like to talk about him. Batman’s a very important character to a lot of people. It’s important to me.”

“I loved Batman way before Christopher Nolan was making movies about him,” continues Joseph. “It was always fashionable to like Batman, he doesn’t go in and out of fashion. He’s just classic.”

Jay also asked Joseph who his favorite villain was to which he responded that Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker was probably the best thing he’s ever seen on film. Touché, Joseph, I’d have to agree with you. Check out Joseph’s sit down with Jay Leno below.