You know you’re a big deal when you’re on not just one, but two covers in the same month. Both Men’s Health and OUT magazine tapped Joseph Gordon-Levitt to grace their October 2013 issues. Since one is an LGBT publication, I’m going to pick OUT to highlight. That and there were no shirtless pics in the health magazine ;)

The folks over at OUT boldly call the 32-year-old actor as the silver screen’s new leading man. With four films last year and a couple on the way, I couldn’t agree more. Who would’ve thunk the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun would blossom into one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, literally and figuratively.

Along with mugging for photographer Kai Z Feng, Gordon-Levitt sits down with Aaron Hicklin for in-depth interview. In addition to promoting his new film Don Jon, he talks about gay rumors and his late brother Dan. Check out his answers to these questions below, along with several more pics.

On His New Movie Don Jon

“I wasn’t interested in making a movie about pornography. I was interested in making a movie about how people treat each other like things, and all kinds of media can contribute to that. I’ve been working as an actor since I was a little kid, and I’ve always been fascinated, and a little horrified, by the way people relate to images they see on screen. Sometimes I feel I am seen as a thing more than a person, and I don’t think that’s unique to actors. I think everyone is subject to that kind of pigeonholing.”

On Addressing Gay Rumors

“That would be really tacky – they would win if I had to clarify.”

On His Late Brother Dan

“He was so overwhelmingly positive and warm. One of my favorite things about hitRECord is how positive it is, especially compared to most of what goes on on the Internet, which can be snarky and cynical. I credit Dan with that. He couldn’t help but get swept up in it, and it makes me so happy that the momentum continues today. I’m on the site every day, and the fact there’s this warmth to it, it reminds me of him every time.”

For more of his interview and photos, head over to Out magazine.