Watch Jordin Sparks “Celebrate” Whitney Houston In New Music Video

Watching the newly-released music video for “Celebrate” is a little bittersweet. I can’t help but imagine how glorious and gorgeous Whitney Houston would’ve looked in it had she not passed away. Girl, would’ve rocked it out. I love how Jordin Sparks and the rest of the “Sparkle” cast decided to film the clip as a tribute to the late singer and celebrate her. It’s the perfect way to promote the film, while being respectful to Houston’s memory.

“We planned on it being Whitney and me, but she’s not here, so we wanted to make it a tribute to her,” the winner of “American Idol” season 6 told BET about the clip.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight during the video shoot back in May, she also said, “What we wanted to do was make sure that this was a fun, happy video and just kind of dedicating it to her.”

As mentioned earlier, the entire main cast appears in the clip. Jordin holds a dinner party, where they all get glammed up. They sing along to Whitney’s parts in the song and images of the singer are shown on a big screen. While all of them look fabulous, I have to single out the “American Idol” Season 6 winner. YOWZA, does she look stunning. Our little Sparks has grown up and matured into a beautiful woman. Her new svelte body definitely suits her. Check out Jordin and her “Sparkle” co-stars below. It’ll make you want to celebrate as well.

Jordin Sparks & Whitney Houston “Celebrate” Music Video

I have to admit, I love the song. You can’t but feel happy while listening to it. Sadly, it probably won’t become a hit, since it’s not the type of music that radio loves playing these days. “Celebrate” was written and produced by R. Kelly and was the last song recorded by Houston. Be sure to catch “Sparkle” when it hits theaters on August 17, 2012.