Jordan Bach, A Gay Leader For The New Age


You may have never heard of Jordan Bach before but I will tell you now he’s a man you should pay attention to. Between his inspirational tweets, topless YouTube’s and adorable Instagrams with his niece a gay man might go into dreamboat overload following him. But Jordan isn’t just another pretty face, he’s a man on a mission.

Jordan Bach is a Life Coach based out of New York who is building a life from inspiring gay men to live authentic and genuine lives. Called “one of the LGBT architects of the next decade” by The Advocate, he created as an online home for gay men who want to make the most of their lives.

I was lucky enough to interview Jordan for my new radio show “Discovering Your Truth” on YTP Radio just the other day and was held in awe over how refreshing and uplifting his take on life is. It’s so important that we as a gay community support and cultivate these types of leaders. We tend to forget how lucky we are in Canada to have all the rights we do and to have had them for so long. They’re still having massive struggles in the USA for marriage and there are still 76 countries in the world whose anti-gay laws are as bad or worse than Russia’s. We need more people like Jordan in the LGBT community who do the work they do.

There are already enough people out in the world who want to bring the LGBT community down that I think it’s a shame we quite often we try and bring each other down. The work that Jordan does is commendable and I love giving credit where credit is due so when I see someone doing awesome things for the community I like to make sure others hear about them.

If you’d like to hear my interview with Jordan you can get the downloadable podcast or listen to it below.

  • Peter

    lord jesus my pants just came off. where has he been all my life??

  • Jake Criss

    Blah blah blah. Self-help section drone talking Zzzzzzz

  • DJH

    He’s hot but most of what he says is just mindless spew recycled from other self-help formatted somehow into “gay preach”.

  • Enjoy this.