Behind The Cast: “Oooh, a Doctor Called Me Young!”


WAILHALLO (That’s “hello” Brenda Dickson style.)

I’m Fine…

Surgery went well (removal of polyps off of my vocal cords). Kodie and my girlfriend Mandy were outstanding and could apply for nursing school IMHO. Kodiekins even bought me my Quatchi doll (Score 50 points Kod)! My awesome surgeon, Dr. Dickson said that while it may be a bit of a recovery, for the most part I am young and healthy and everything should be fine. I was like “Oooooh a Doctor called me young! Score!”

I sound like a broken record, but for the record, I’ve been silent for almost 7 days, otherwise know as 158 hours. I think I now have a glimpse into what it must be like to be deaf, or have the need to sign. As a mute, I find that more people smile at me when I try to charade questions to them. They also then try to sign back and act silent- that part I don’t really get. You can talk you jackass!

What To Do…What To Do…

With blessings from Dr. Dickson and my management team at The Beat 94.5, I flew home to London, Ontario for further rest. Ah, London

Since there is really nothing to do (nor should I), I’ve made a list of at home activities. They include:

* Go Swimming in Mom’s Pool

* Eat Soup (I feel like Saleem in Seattle ’09)

* Make Soup

* Watch “Never Say Never: The Deidra Hall Story”….Oooooh she can act! “I WANT THIS FAMILY!!”

* Listen to dope Erykah Badu tracks

* Play Dress Up with my Puppy Tacos


If I Haven’t Already Said It…

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DAN! Loved his post about his Seattle Weekend. Oh buddy- you are such a fun friend, and you make amazing pasta. Our first encounter wasn’t the best, but our friendship from there has been one of my most favourites here in Vancouver. Hope you had a “wicked” time, and I promise to make you “Jonny Salad” when I get home. We can celebrate Hoshanah Rabbah next weekend….wait, are you Jewish? Regardless, it’ll be fun to reconnect and lots of love to you!

Dad, Today…

I’m going to go see my old man tonight for dinner. He likes to talk and all I can do is listen. I’m not very excited. Dad now lives with his 3rd girlfriend and recently just moved in her teenaged children. I love my Dad, but often feel overwhelmed and juvenile with him. I revert to a 8 year old kid that “isn’t good enough” in his eyes. There must be a good sociology book for this?

Let’s hope that this will be the break through visit. Try not to hold your breath! See you all next week….silently 🙂 I’m allowed to start talking next weekend.

xoxo Jonny

  • bruin

    glad it went well. surgery is no fun 🙁 recover fast, soon, and well!

  • Kyle D

    Ahhhh JonJon Glad to see you survived not talking for so long. I don’t think I would be able to do do that!! Then again I always have something important to say. You were missed this past week. I tried to be a close second for Kodie, but there are just somethings I can’t replace and me calling Kodie, Kodkins raised a few eyebrows. See you Thursday xxx

  • Kyle D

    ps. I totally forgot about the whole soup fiasco in Seattle!

  • C Goch

    hahaha….sorry but i just followed this link. vocal surgery from dr. dick son. Must have been hard to reach down there so deep…