Jonny Staub Moves One Step Closer In Regis & Kelly’s Men of Radio Co-Host for a Day Search

Thanks to the countless Tweets and Facebook updates this morning courtesy of Rich, Tommy, Patrick et al, I learned our own very Jonny Staub has made the Top 100 cut for “Regis & Kelly’s Men of Radio Co-Host For a Day Search“. WOO HOO. What a way to start off a week. It probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise, considering Jonny is one of the best radio DJs in Vancouver. He masterfully plays the hits and serves juicy entertainment gossip during the mid-day time slot over at The Beat 94.5 FM.

Now thanks to his legions of radio listeners and a few of us nominating him, he stands a good chance of making this dream come to fruition. Though voting doesn’t begin til January 10, 2011, you can start spreading the news of Jonny’s quest to sit beside Kelly Ripa on the popular daytime talk show, by going to the search’s official website and tweeting it or by sharing it on your Facebook.

We’re all so proud of Jonny and hope our loyal readers help support him on this exciting journey. I’m sure Tommy will step up as his unofficial Official campaign manager as he’s one of Jonny’s bestest friends in the universe (according to him). So expect a lot of annoying tweets, TEAM JONNY tees, rallies and other initiatives from Tommy. Get ready to be barraged.

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