Tommy & Jonny’s GAGA Adventure!


Tommy: Who wants to hear a story that will give everyone out there a big gay heart attack…? Ready for it?!

So, I’m sitting at home on Wednesday night (the 18th); in my PJ’s at 10pm; slowing down my day, when a text message goes off. It’s Jonny, saying he has an extra ticket to LADY GAGA, but I have to get down there within the hour. Now, there’s not a lot that I will rush for, but free tickets is one of them! I do a quick change, hair check, breath check, and book it back downtown to meet up with Jonny at SIP on Granville.

When I get there (at 10:40pm), I meet up with Jonny & Nunu and JaXon (two awesome people he works with). We efficiently down a cocktail, and proceed to head to the Commodore Ballroom.

Jonny: Fucking great show!! Gaga plays the piano with her foot at one point, has a number of costume changes (including a dress made of clear bubbles), and is engaging with her audience. Afterwards, some of my contacts at Universal were able to get all four of us backstage for the official GAGA meet and greet.

(Here’s Tommy and I with Lady Gaga herself backstage after the show.)

Earlier, she had asked JaXon to take her out to a “rock bar that was seedy and smelt like urine”. I went up to her and said: “Do not miss out on a great gay experience! C’mon Gaga let’s go to the gay bar!” Her back up dancers agreed and asked me for the address.

Tommy: After we got the word that they wanted to go the O, I made a call to DJ DREW at the club to ask him what time they were closing; he said 3, I said: “PERFECT, we’re bringing GAGA!”

He had a gay heart attack: it was cute.

She had to sign some autographs and meet some adoring fans (which is AWESOME btw: we love that), so Jonny, NuNu, JaXon and I decided to head there after we gave them the address. We got to the O, and there was a buzz in the air which got me scared a bit, and I’ll tell you why. I’ve dealt with celebrities going to clubs and going out after their shows when I worked at The Majestic, and sometimes they make the plans and then just don’t show. It’s not a big deal- kind of annoying more than anything. And, especially since we don’t really WORK for the O but sort of unofficially organized it, there was definitely a bit of pressure. ANYWAY, it would’ve been SUPER embarrassing for Jonny and myself if she didn’t show (like true homos, it’s ALWAYS about our egos right?)

Well, guess who showed up just after 2am! OH YEAH! Lady Gaga, alongside her entourage, walked through the door of our beloved ODYSSEY NIGHTCLUB! It was pretty fucking sweeeeeet! Jonny and I breathed a sigh of relief! She was totally sweet, and totally cute [insert fierce here if it wasn’t a little too five seconds ago to say it!]. We hung out with her dancers (Shout out to Mikey… love him!), had some drinks: it was pretty dope.

Jonny: We were able to give Lady Gaga a bit of her own VIP area and she invited us to party there with her. At one point, she even got on the pole and showed us her former stripper stuff!! She was so gracious with Tommy, Nunu, JaXon and I… snapping photos, smiling and seemed to be super happy that the night had fallen into place without any issues. Tommy kept trying to keep me there with the crew, but for those of you that know me, I hauled ass before 3am (which is super late for me).

Tommy: She stuck around until about 3:15 ish, then they all left. Jonny left early (he turned into a pumpkin the poor dear), so JaXon, Nunu and I jammed shortly after that.

And that’s our GAGA adventure… Absolutely amazing and can’t wait for the next one!

  • michael gibson

    did they make her pay cover?

  • haha TOTALLY!


  • Clement C.Blaze

    she was totally fierce and so down to earth it was awesome.. we talked for like half an hour at the O and needless to say, she loves Vancouver like no other!!!

  • jenn

    AMAZING! And the Circuit Party Award for Best Human Accessory of year goes to….

  • rbo

    I must say I’m a little disappointed she didn’t show up in the bubble dress…

  • wow, sounds amazing!!!! so envious!

  • bruin

    wow definitely an amazing experience, thanks for sharing. gaga is total seks, cannot wait for her tour w/ kanye!!!!!