Behind The Cast: “In 8 Days I Go To The Hospital…”


I just have to say- when Patrick and Donovan told me that we were making some slight changes to our site, I was most excited about this one: Our Sunday Behind The Cast. It gives you and I a chance to get to know each other better, and possibly provide you with a bit more personal insight into what’s really going on. In my line of work (and in general as well), I find it most rewarding when I can connect with people…and I mean REALLY connect, even if it’s brief.

So it has been a busy couple of weeks, and while I’m happy when things are eventful…I waaaay prefer a chill lifestyle (just ask my man Kodie or my puppy Tacos.)

Best Friend’s ’til the end


My poor, straight best friend Zack broke up with his girlfriend for the 4th time in 5 weeks. I think this time it will stick. While I’m sad for both of them, let’s face it, Zack is his own person. I’m always happy to be his best friend, thank GAWD I don’t have to date him. Let the healing begin.

Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, Creativity & Passion


This past week was really good/inspiring at my job. For most of my radio career (11+ years on air) I’ve worked for a man named James Stuart. James plucked me from the Okanagan when I was 20 and put me on a huge TOP 40 station in Calgary years ago. He also rescued me when I was 23 and thrown out like a piece of trash from another station here in Vancouver , placing me at another big station Edmonton. My hard work, combined with his belief in me has always been one of my most cherished moments working in radio/media. This past August, it was announced that he would become our General Manager and Vice President of the CHUM Radio group/ Vancouver (that owns and operates my station The Beat 94.5). Anyhow, James is a really great leader with charisma and a natural way of approaching people. We had mandatory boardroom meetings on Wed & Thursday and I feel blessed to be under his umbrella again (no pun intended Rihanna). His 5 strict rules of employment: Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, Creativity & Passion. In a way, I try to apply that to my romantic relationships as well as my friendships.

Stephen what Tall Ceilings You Have…


Friday night was Stephen‘s birthday party and what a delight it was to not only see everyone, but to see his home. Isn’t it weird when you finally see someone’s dwelling, and it totally reminds you of them? Needless to say I wasn’t surprised, but definitely impressed. I also have a major crush on his straight brother Richard…who I constantly call Nick by accident (whoops!). It’s not like a a “I wanna hook up with him” thing. I just love charming musicians, as I myself am a lover of music.

CanadaLine/Costume Design


Both Kodiekins and I are traveling to Ontario this month and are super excited. One set back- getting to YVR. The solution? Canada Line, which neither of us have taken before. With a coffee in hand (and Kodie a bottle of water post hangover) we ventured off onto Translink’s magnificent achievement. 22 minutes from Yaletown (downtown Vancouver) to Sea Island Way is pretty cool. The only downside is some of the passengers on the commute, mainly a mentally challenged couple who fought the entire ride back. The dude was loud/swearing and picking on his girl. I would’ve said something but knowing my luck, I would’ve been stabbed. Afterward, Kodie and I  hit up a costume store to get a head start on Halloween. Looks like we still have to narrow down a couple of ideas but I’m certainly glad I didn’t choose the Bam Bam (Flintstone’s) outfit 🙂

Scotiabank AIDS Walk For Life


I was given some excellent advice from my colleague Terry David Mulligan in regards to public service. Pick 2 charities and stay loyal to them, otherwise you’ll burn out. Often I will go above that, however I find this to be a comfortable and reasonable rule. One of those charities is the annual Scotiabank AIDS Walk For Life (this year it’s the 24th year!). It’s my absolute pleasure to be the co-MC yet again this year. The monies raised will benefit those affected with HIV/AIDS in our community. I can’t imagine what it must be like for anyone living with a disease with no known cure, but together we can make a difference and show that we care and are here! For more info check THIS out!



In 8 days I go to the hospital at UBC to have some polyps removed from my right lower vocal cords. I’m assuming that Kodie will be devastated when I have to be at complete vocal rest for 2 weeks…what??? Jonny won’t be able to talk?? LOL. My demands so far are a Quatchi plush doll and pain meds that make me less hungry and skinny. I’m flying back home to London, Ont for a week to rest up with Mom. She has heated the pool and has planned some yummy homemade soups. In a way, it’s a chance to connect with my Mom with no words- only a white board and facial gestures. We may also take up some yoga and YouTube sign language lessons.

Lots of love, hope you had a fulfilling couple of days too!

xoxo Jonny

  • bruin

    RTICP should be applied to any friendship, relationship, and interaction w another human being. the world would be a lot more better.

    what did the “green” dwelling look like? i cant even imagine!

    Good luck on that operation and recover well 😉

  • Love your recap 🙂 Wish you the best with the whole procedure Jonny. Your voice is one of a kind, just like you 🙂 Barf I know, but true.

  • Jonny

    Stephen’s place wasn’t green at all Bruin! Actually, it was pale grey, filled with plastic bags and and zero recycling blue boxes….


    I liked that he had lots of candles and his condo has lovely high ceilings (which I think anyone who is tall really appreciates!)

  • did you SEE richard’s friend?? now there was something to write about haha.

  • My pop of colour right now is seafoam green and turquoise 😉

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