Take your clothes off, but leave your glasses on!Jonny McGovern (AKA “The Gay Pimp) is back with another catchy song called “Sexy Nerd” accompanied by a hot & hilarious music video. Most well known for “Soccer Practice,” this song definitely falls more in line with that hit that the recent stuff. The lyrics in the song are brilliant and I actually belted out laughing quite a few times.

In the song, McGovern talks about how he’s all about sexy nerds and what he wants to do with them, but it’s the lyrics about what he doesn’t want that I loved most. Early on in the video, you see Hunter Hollywood (of Jessica & Hunter) as a club queen, which he doesn’t want. He also sings, “I don’t need Grindr, I need a Nerd-Finder.” LOL. That’s one of my favorite lines. Without giving too much more away, watch the video below while I go make my boyfriend put some glasses on. *WINK*