If you haven’t heard then let me be the first to inform. Sound the bells and let out the confetti cannons, the newly openly out Zachary Quinto is dating the sexy Broadway and Glee star, Jonathan Groff. In even more exciting news, they’ve actually been dating for a year now! How freaking adorable is that? Of course, nothing is official and the story is currently only being reported via The National Enquirer but neither are denying the reports. The two have been spotted together attending many events so the evidence all points to yes! I personally am a big fan of this couple and wish them all the best.

In other Jonathan Groff news, some new pics of the actor have surfaced online and they are showing a whole lot of him. Jonathan Groff went full-frontal for a movie titled Twelve Thirty which came out in 2010. The story goes as follows:

TWELVE THIRTY is drama about a family with adult children that is broken, and a self-centered young man who, in the span of a week, becomes entangled in each of their lives, wreaking havoc in the process.

Groff plays the role of Jeff. Having not seen the movie, I don’t really know who he is in terms of the story or why he would appear absolutely naked but ultimately, am I complaining? I doubt you will be either. Thankfully, Unrated Perez was kind enough to post the photos for us all to oogle and oggle over. So, go check them out below!

For the full shot (without the HOMG!), CLICK HERE.