I’ve been debating whether or not to post about this guy for a while now, but after reading about him on PEREZ today I HAD to divulge the info.

Two closeted Hollywood gays are dating!

Matt Dallas (from KYLE XY), who I have a first hand account pretty strong evidence of a homo hookup when he was here filming in Vancouver, but I swore I wouldn’t tell who with because I’ll get shot, and the hottie from Mean Girls Jonathan Bennett (who I didn’t suspect was a homo) are apparently dating!


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  • adam

    you hooked up with KYLE XY?!?!?!
    I am ridiculously jealous!

    my dream is to be you tommy. no joke.

  • Tommy D

    no I didn’t, but I know someone who did.

  • Adam

    soooo NOT first hand account? way to break my heart 😛

  • Tommy D

    There i fixed it JEEEZ

  • Redd

    Matt Dallas and I had a moment here in Van while we were both walking our dogs 😉

  • bruin

    ive seen jonathan in real life, he is beautiiiiful. pictures dont give him justice!

  • Eros

    Lucky for them and bad for me LOL