Jon Stewart is’s “Most Influential Man” and He’s Earned It!

While isn’t exactly the be-all-end-all of polls and stats as far as the American man is considered, they do have a pretty good site and a high readership so I’m willing to give them some credit as they boldly proclaim the results of an extensive poll of over half a million of their readers, titling Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show”: The Most Influential Man. Running 14 years (god, I remember when it started; I am old), this once-college-campus gossiped about comedic news show has become a ratings bonanza, but more importantly it has garnered the trust of throngs of TV-viewers. To me, that’s the most important thing.

In a time where dozens of the world’s countries control the votes, the information released to and the lives of their people; where America itself is slowly becoming brainwashed by an ever-more watched, right wing controlled, propaganda machine AKA FOX News, it’s not just a breath of fresh air but a boon that’s maintaining the sanity of a nation in turmoil. It may sound a bit hyperbolic, but truly this man has changed the face of news in the US and set new standards for other programs to aspire to. And, it’s for that that this once stand up comedian and writer of basal skits has captured the attention of millions.

Coming a far way from his stoned-delivered lines in “Half Baked”, Jon Stewart began his anchoring career with something resembling a community college film production budget and progressively established himself by calling out hypocrisy and straight out ridiculousness in politicians, celebrities and headline-makers alike. Positioning himself as a declared and proud Zionist Liberal, Stewart makes careful point to keep watch over his own groups, calling them out when they cross the line. Personally, I believe it’s that kind of forthright honesty and acceptance of his patroned (I’m making up verbs here, forgive me) organizations’ limitations that have convinced even the most critical of viewers that he’s out there to expose falsities in the media.

While he’s often dismissed (…by FOX News) as a comedian, pandering to pot-loving uni students, Jon Stewart has taken over a decade to work at the American (and internationally from there) people to prove to them he’s one of the few voices out there whose agenda doesn’t follow a millenia-old scripture, or a blindly-learned familial example. Instead, he’s learned what teachers for years have sought to imbue in their students: critical reasoning. In fact, I’d liken this recent title to a “Teacher of the Year” award as he has continued to lead and support his country through tumultuous times of election deceit, wartime upheaval and economic depression… all the while looking to a brighter future he believes exists in the education of our youth. Congrats Stewart- you deserve it.

My Interesting Points About the Top 49 List:

  • The top 4 men are all billionaires except for Jon Stewart
  • Stephen Colbert- a pseudo apprentice of Stewart- has landed the 11th spot on the list
  • I’m a bit suspect that the recent “soap opera star” James Franco made this list at all, let alone the number 7 spot
  • President Obama dropped from last year’s number 3 to 21… literally, the leader of the free world is ranked as “The 21st Most Influential”. James Franco is number 7…

Jon Stewart’s next big move is a “Rally to Restore Sanity” taking place Saturday, October 30th in Washington DC with a satellite rally in Los Angeles. It’s been RSVP’d by over 100,000 men and women who hope to voice their outrage at a country torn by media-induced fear and polarizing politics. Can’t wait to see how that goes! Furthermore, last night’s episode featured Barack Obama himself as Stewart held him accountable to a lot of issues the people have had with his policies this past year- but still allowed him to be the darlin’ of the audience!

The Top 10 according to

  • 10. Graydon Carter
  • 9. Jose Mourinho
  • 8. Elon Musk
  • 7. James Franco
  • 6. Drew Brees
  • 5. Kanye West
  • 4. Steve Jobs
  • 3. Mark Zuckerberg
  • 2. Bill Gates
  • 1. Jon Stewart

The Daily Show is notoriously difficult to find on YouTube, so watch this condensed episode- as reported on MSNBC- of Jon Stewart’s dedicated episode to mocking the ever-insane Glenn Beck.